Sunday, December 05, 2004

Seagulls Ska

In his infinite wisdom, esteemed Brighton stadium announcer, radical ranting poet and general punk-of-all-trades Attila the Stockbroker has joined forces with other Brighton-based influentials (such as ska boys Too Many Crooks) to release a record in aid of Albion's bid for a new stadium. It's ska, it's footie, it's political, and it hates Crystal Palace. Sigh.

The record comes out first week of January, and Sussex Ska (as the band is called) is hoping to make a bid for the top-10, since nobody else releases records then and you don't need that many pre-sales to get into the charts. Here's where you can pre-order through HMV - dunno how that works for we Yanks, but hopefully just cuz we're Queen-less (though not despot-less) doesn't mean our sales don't count for the charts.


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