Tuesday, January 11, 2005


I must admit to being somewhat taken aback at the incredible quantity of press on the Libertines in the US right now. But today's NPR segment took the cake, and proved everything: It was well put together, emotional, interesting, and thoroughly convincing. And at the same time, it was a total joke. "Unpredictable," one Brit-music-biz type calls them. "The only band that behaves like a proper rock band."

Yeah - unpredictable - the rock band that goes junkie and breaks up and rob one another and can't be in the same room.

Great records, Likely Lads, but it'll be nice to see you recede into your shady '70s rock-dropout druggie corners. At least someone like Happy Mondays or even the mighty Darkbuster has the decency to have a joy to their hooliganism and self-destruction, rather than this post-Altamont woe-is-my-needle-arm, tear up over our losses ladies shit. Yikes.


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