Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Veksing Questions...

It's not often - at this stage - I get to feel really, truly, on top of things musically. Yeah, ahead of 99% of the population, but that other 1% all seem to be full-time bloggers. (They probably are. Hell, I don't have a JOB and I blog FAR less than a lot of these music geeks.) But this time, it just feels so freakin' on-the-verge with Tom Vek. I can't get over this song - "I Ain't Saying My Goodbyes" (Check out the video here) - that I heard on some internet radio show based out of Brighton*, center of the hedonist's universe. Reminds me of a pesky British Rapture or, what we've all been looking for, Le Tigre for blokes. Plus, he's ugly. That's a BIG plus.

Speaking of Brit-Shit, check out MySpace's webcast of the American version of "The Office" tonight at 8pm - if you dare. Anyone who's seen "Men Behaving Badly" or "Coupling" in their American forms will know to watch out. Fact is, it ought to work, right? It's such an American show. But I have faith in U.S. network TV's ability to destroy the soul of any comedy.


(* By the way: What's up with losing to Plymouth and now Wigan in the same week? Is it beat up on your betters week in the Championship? Now the lads are in relegation danger, which is ridiculous if you notice that, for example, Reading ISN'T. Okay, I know nobody cares, but it helps to vent.)


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